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Our rings are sized according to this chart, but if you are still unsure and this is your first ring, we recommend ordering our free set of sizers. 

Find our sizing tips here.

Who We Are

George Rings is a luxury jewelry brand with expertise in making soft, warm, and substantial solid 18k gold pieces with specific attention to how they feel on the body. 

Our pieces are buttery soft, deliciously warm, and ideally proportioned, and there are three main reasons for this: design, finishing, and gold volume.

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Why We Love 18k Gold

Warmth, weight, patina....

There is a unique pleasure in wearing a ring of solid 18k yellow gold. Nothing matches its warmth, its heft, or the slow brightening of its countenance over time. It becomes a sacred friend.

Read more about what makes 18k gold so special.

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The Art of Lost Wax Casting

Each piece of George Rings jewelry is created using the lost wax casting method — a metal-forming technique over 6,000 years old. 

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