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George Rings founders sisters Chelsea and Jade Paris Fashion Week Louvre

Hello and welcome! We are Chelsea and Jade, sisters and founders of George Rings. We design small batch collections of soft and substantial pieces cast in 18k yellow gold. Every ring, pendant, and earring is cast in Portland, Oregon, using the lost wax casting method. (Learn more about what makes our pieces so special here.) 

Our jewelry is meant to be worn daily, not stored in a closet, and thus we have designed each piece with the following principles in mind:

Guiding Principles of Good Jewelry
  1. Jewelry should feel as good as it looks.

  2. Jewelry should be solid, real, and made to last.

  3. The best jewelry is perfectly imperfect, and  like all human beings  its beauty increases with age, patina, and the marks of a life well lived.

  4. Jewelry is, above all, a private pleasure and should bring the wearer joy.

  5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
    We love these pieces and we know you will too. Follow us on Instagram for a closer look at who we are and what we are creating. Visit our Portland studio or meet us at one of our trunk shows if you'd like to experience our jewelry in person.

    Chelsea and Jade,
    Founders of George Rings

    More About George

    Excerpt from our interview with our NYC pop-up partner, Araks:

    Araks and George Rings interview NYC
    Q: You describe your gold as 'private pleasure' gold. What does that mean?

    A: Our designs are — first and foremost — created for the person wearing them. That might seem like an unnecessary statement, but fine jewelry has a long history of being used to prove social status and to gain or show possession. We wanted to create pieces that exist solely for the pleasure of the wearer. This means that rather than saving cost by hollowing out the undersides of our rings which creates sharpness, discomfort, or dissatisfaction, we prioritize the private pleasure of the collector and instead make everything solid.

    That a ring is solid rather than hollow is often not detectable at a glance — thus, a private pleasure. Our collectors are men and women who purchase to celebrate themselves.   [READ MORE]

    Excerpt from our interview with And Bloom in Amsterdam: 

    AndBloom and George Rings interview
    Q: Can you tell me more about your decision to start George?

    A:  ...When we decided to work on our creative dreams together, everything shifted for us. On the topic of self-trust — we grew up in a conservative religious environment that did not teach us to trust our inner knowing, particularly as women. There are a thousand ways that women are taught to betray themselves, and we do much of it without resistance so that we can stay safe, get along with people, and be thought of as good and trustworthy. But at a certain point, the discomforts mount and that voice inside starts to scream — either through a physical crisis or an emotional one. That voice inside was calling out to us, and choosing this path of creating and owning a business together was our way of saying “we hear you.”

    We have both learned to trust our own hearts. If something feels right to us, we do it. If it feels wrong, we don’t....  [READ MORE]