Solid 18k yellow large gold dome ring for weddings and milestones. Soft curves. Heavy. Not hollow.

gentle art for your hands

Warm & Weighty

Through the ancient art of lost wax casting, we create rings of depth, softness, and intentional simplicity. Always solid 18k gold. Never hollow.

The perfectly buttery color of our 18k gold is achieved by alloying every casting grain by hand, using our signature ratio.
Large 18k solid yellow gold donut ring. By George Rings. Dominus Band Grand
Large 18k solid yellow gold donut ring. By George Rings. Dominus Band Grand

“The colour, heft, and most of all, the incredible lines and details of my Noble Ring are so rare and wonderful; unlike anything else. Thank you, not only for making these magnificent pieces, but also for the personal touch. Knowing that the creators care so much is very special.”

– C. Harding
Woman wears  v-neck silk shirt and gold 8 sided pendant with large bail and chain. Solid 18k gold, thick and substantial. Round box cut 14k gold chain.


Strong & Supple

Solid 18k gold pendants and glossy, velvety chains — all with the signature softness, simplicity, and heft of our entire collection

"I've followed many trends in my life and the older I get the more I choose 'forever' things.... Knowing that my daughters will remember the joy and serenity these pieces brought me every day and cherish what it meant for me fills me with such gratitude.”

– Sylvia S.

“...a substantial, solid gold masterpiece with timeworn curves and perfect proportions.”

– The New York Times

"It's so difficult to do simple well, and you do it."

– Jonathan L.

“The feel of the band is just perfect! Thank you for creating the most gorgeous looking (and feeling) jewelry."

– Clay T.

“Your rings are the rings I’ve searched for and never found for the past 35 years…”

– Monique M.

"You made me love my hands again."

– A. Soloman

“My wife and I love that we can actually wear our rings even with an adventurous lifestyle. We don't want to have to ‘take our rings off’ or fear that a scratch will ‘ruin’ the original perfection. They have just become more perfect with age.”

– Gerry S.

"So beautifully architectural... It's hard not to stare at my hand."

– C. Lockhart

"With little, you say a lot."

– Cristina B.

"My ring feels like it was exactly made for my hands. The gentle curves, the noticeable but subtle weight, and the playful shape just ‘fit’."

– Jeremy S.

“I am pouring over your new catalog. I want to weep. I see you both in all your glory. In all your creative magical pursuits that take so much grit and work. Well done, you two. Take a bow today.”

– Joanna T.

"...I told him that it was my turn to ask him to marry me and I brought out the ring. I don’t think I have ever seen him look so surprised. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. It looks amazing on him, like it was designed with him in mind... just exactly right."

– Anna S.

“OMG! I was just at a hospital social event and one of my OBGYN buddies spotted my Bauble… she was like, 'is that solid? I’ve been looking for a ring like that everywhere!!!'"

– Serena C.

"I love my Bauble!!! Had put away the other rings for a few days to spend some one on one time her… I sleep with it! Like a new baby!🤣🤣🤣 gorgeous. Play with it all day long. This week I put all my other rings on and shift them in different combos.”

– Serena C.

the crown

Maker's Mark

We hand stamp every ring that we cast with our beloved George crown — a symbol of our work, our love, and our belief in the inherent sovereignty of each person.

In Person

Would you like to feel the softness and weight of our jewelry for yourself? Visit us in our in Portland studio or meet us at one of our upcoming trunk shows.