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At our November 2023 trunk show in New York, we presented a limited edition collaboration with sculptor and master gilder Carol Leskanic. The response was so enthusiastic that we decided to offer another small round of these special pieces in late January 2024.

The pieces include three necklaces  the Gold Bar, the Gold Cube, and the Gold Luggage Tag — all based on designs Carol originally created from wood block and water gilding.

Gold Bar Gold Cube Luggage Tag Necklaces by Carol Leskanic and George Rings

About Her Work 

Carol Leskanic is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and master gilder working in Connecticut and New York City. Trained in the restoration and conservation of fine gilt objects, she specializes in collaborations of traditional water gilding and contemporary art and design. 

Carol Leskanic water gilded wood blocks

With a respect for history and tradition, and a love for the patina created by time, Carol has adapted the ancient process of water gilding and applied it to a minimal, modern aesthetic. Reworked vintage pieces, custom designs and her own sculptural work are all informed by the same eye towards quiet, heightened beauty.

Carol Leskanic in her Connecticut studio

All of the methods and materials used in her light filled studio are the same as centuries ago — layers of rabbit skin glue, gesso, bole, the hand application of gold leaf, as well as burnishing with agate stones. The process takes years to master hence the original tradition of apprentice, journeyman, and finally, master.

Carol Leskanic gilded stones

Following age old recipes and incorporating over 15 years of restoration and conservation experience, each of her pieces is crafted in a true artisanal style using respected and enduring techniques and a dedication to the highest level of craftsmanship. See more of her work here.