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Chubby Square Pendant - NEW


A soft, fat, dimpled square of joy. To create this delightful shape, we molded cubes of clay until all six sides felt “pressed” and every edge felt softly rounded. The result is an understated pendant that looks and feels simple, but is actually made up of 25 different planes of geometry. Light glances off these soft planes to create interest all day long.

The finely crafted bail can accommodate our chains without the need of a jump ring, offering a more streamlined and solid feel. Perfect on its own, but lovely to layer with our other pendants. 

Pairs with our Chubby Square Studs.

See coordinating chain.


Cast in solid 18k yellow gold (not hollow)
~10.5 x 10.5mm square

Handmade in Portland by our skilled goldsmiths, just for you. Ships approximately 2-3 weeks after receipt of your order.

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