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Our rings are sized according to this chart, but finding your perfect fit is a matter of individual preference. As hands fluctuate throughout the day depending on temperature, humidity, and activities, it's wise to measure a few times before choosing a size.

General Rule

You want your ring to slide fairly easily over your knuckle, and then take a smidge of effort and rotation to remove.

Ring width plays a role in sizing comfort as well - narrower rings will not feel as tight as wider rings, so keep that in mind when you are selecting a preferred fit.

sizing tips and chart by George Rings

Sizing Chart Tips

  1. To find your ring size using our chart, print the guide with page scaling set to 100%. (The ruler at the bottom of the page should measure exactly two inches wide.)

  2. Then choose a ring that fits the same finger on which you intend to wear your new ring and place it over the circles.

  3. Match the inside of your ring to the circle nearest in size, making sure all of the black line is visible, and no white is visible. If the ring is between two sizes, select the larger size.

ring size comparison for chart by george rings
(View of a size 4.5 Essential Band on our printed George Rings sizing chart)

Still unsure?

If you are still unsure and this is your first ring, order this free set of sizers. These are the same sizers we use to size your rings. We are also happy to assist you through a private consultation  book here.

Please note also that our rings are designed to be easily resized, so if you order the incorrect size, contact us and we will provide a quote.

 ring size chart by george rings