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If you’ve never worn solid 18k gold, let us introduce you to its pleasure. Soft, rich, and weighty, it increases in beauty the more it's worn ... the high polish subsides, the marks of life add up, and a glowing, rich patina develops. Layering and stacking this precious material is a truly peak experience.

We often refer to 18k gold as 'the Goldilocks of metals' because of its ideal warmth, heft, and softness. It is heavier and softer than 14k, maintains its shape better than 22k or 24k, and is an ideal warm color — deep and peachy. 18k gold is composed of 75% gold fine metal and 25% metal alloys (copper, silver, and zinc). We custom-alloy all of our gold casting grains, and use a touch more copper in our alloy ratio, which is why our gold is especially rich. 

stack of 18k yellow gold rings by george rings

Each and every one of our pieces is cast in solid 18k gold, and though they leave our studio with a high polish, they quickly begin to develop a rich patina that deepens over time with wear. 

This is private pleasure gold — the kind that shows the signs of daily life and becomes more beautiful for it.

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