Heavy mens wedding band in solid 18k yellow gold, laying on gray paper. Essential Grand Band by George Rings.



As hands fluctuate throughout the day depending on temperature, humidity, and activities, finding your perfect fit is a matter of patience and individual preference. Review our tips below, and if you need further help, please order our ring sizer kit or book a personal consultation with us. 


In general, you want your ring to slide fairly easily over your knuckle, and then take a smidge of effort and rotation to remove.

Narrow vs. Wide Bands

Note that narrower rings will not feel as tight as wider rings, and that hands can fluctuate depending on temperature, humidity, and activities. It’s wise to measure a few times throughout the day and night before choosing a size.


Once you have decided on your preferred size, keep in mind that your hands are alive and changing, and that on some days or in some seasons of life, your ring may fit better on a different finger or stacked with other rings.


Please note also that our rings can be resized if you order the incorrect size. Contact us and we will provide a custom quote.

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